Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So what have me and my hair been up to? Lets fill you in

My locks are growing like crazy now that I have colored it is a lot easier to note the change in length each month by the line of demarcation of color to dark.

My hair doesn't curl nearly as easily and when I do get it to curl afters hours- a day of having it in curlers it falls flat in no time, so I have not been using my lock loops or bantu knot sets lately.

I can get my hair into one ponytail and have it not look too stingy, or at least bearable LOL Yay!!!!!! BIg accomplishment especially on those days when spending time on my hair is just not an option.

I have been experimenting on styles a little. Something to spice up my locks and bring new life into our relationship. I find I'm favoring the pin up styles more and more lately and more tussled appearance to set of evenings out works really well with my length the way it is now.

I do still to the braid out but not as much as I used to. I find myself free styling a lot more now, mainly because of my length and the natural bounce my hair has it just doesn't look as bad to freestyle as it once did at my shorter length.

I'm still in search of a consultant in the central florida area that I can go to when I just dont feel like doing my hair.

I change my reti schedule from every 3 weeks- front one week-end then back the next to and every 4-5 weeks entire head or split, which just did not work for me. My hair grew out too much in that time and it just took way too much time to complete my retis, time which I just did not have. It didn't look horrible but my hair also didn't look that great at the 5 week mark either. Definitely not the tapered look I'd gotten myself accustomed to. ;-) So I'm back on a 3 week half and half schedule, it works for me.

I definitely don't obsess over my locks anymore, well at least not as much as before lol. I've kinda just been allowing them to do their own thing, but I guess that's just natural now that my ends are completely sealed I really don't have as much to worry about. I wash them when I want, style them how I want or just leave them alone and it all works out the same.

The only thing is now that I've colored, I realized that i need some new type of conditioning treatment or something to restore the moisture balance to my hair especially to my ends. Anyone have any suggestions?

New landmark revisited, its awesome to have my hair tickle my neck, shoulder and face and freak out because I think something is crawling on me, only to realize that its my hair at its new length. :-)

I'm still totally in love with my SIsterlocks. Every new stage brings new life and a new quest to learn how to manage this hair of mine.