Saturday, April 10, 2010

My baby needs a name!

FINALLY GOT MY BABY! After a totally horrible experience with the first set of people I was trying to get a puppy from. I randomly came across this little beauty. She is such a sweet little girl. Very quiet and laid back and loving. She will lay in your lap and sleep all day if you let her. Its so meant to be. I'm so happy, I have wanted a dog for so long but always felt I just never had the time to care for one as it should be cared for. Now I have a little more time and more friends with pets which makes mid-day walks a little easier during school because we all have agreed to tag team with our schedules.
Sooo since I was soooooo disappointed the first time all the names I had to choose from I feel were for the other dog and I don't want to use them on her. Anyone have any Ideas? I'm really not good at naming animals lol, I've had tons of suggestions but nothing that I think fits her just yet. Lets hear what ya got!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Henna Experience

Well I finally got the time and the nerve to do my first henna hair color. I have to say that it wasn't nearly as messy as I thought it was going to be from reading other blogs and looking at various websites. It definitely did look like poop and the smell wasn't all that great but it definitely wasn't that horrible either. Anyway I just added warm tap water as the instructions stated and applied it to my hair. I didn't have a shower cap so I tied my hair tightly with two plastic bags and then added a towel on top to add more heat and to kind of catch any dripping. I let it sit in my hair for 3 hours and then went to wash it out. This was the messiest part, but still not that bad. I started in the shower and quickly realized that this was causing it to splash all over the place so i turn on the tub pipe and washed most of it out that way. Then I turn the shower head back on, it took about 30 maybe even 40 minutes to get the water to run somewhat clear. I couldn't rinse anymore so I got out dried my hair and looked to see what I got. At first It was barely noticeable, then in about an hour I noticed my tips and my roots were kind of red. By that night my tips looked kind of like a dingy red. It definitely showed up more in the sun and it showed up more than I expected it to but definitely not as much as I wanted it to. The instructions said not to wash with shampoo for 48 hours and needless to say the color was still coming off on my sheets and pillowcases. Finally I washed my hair with shampoo 2 days later and it still took 3 washes to get the water to run clear. You can still kind of see the color in the sun but mainly on my tips. It almost looks like I had color and it faded and its only left on my tips :-( not exactly what I was going for.

Now as for the softening quality of henna, I have to say I did not experience that. I hated the way my hair felt after I finished using the henna. It felt stringy and hard. After washing with the shampoo 2 days later it went back to its normal soft texture, it may be slightly softer than before but I'm really not sure because it had gotten so hard and stringy I was just relieved to have my softness back. What I did notice though is that my hair almost seems fuller since I used it. My locs are laying straighter and they kind of have a little more bounce to them than before. They also felt really light today again I don't really know if that's the henna or the tremendous amount of washing that I gave it.