Monday, January 9, 2012

holiday pictures

In these pictures I wanted
to do something new so
I did an updo with twist on the side
and before it fell I had a hump in the
front and I added a deep wave ponytail
for that extra something. I loved
it because it was new and classy and

it still showcased my locks and the
awesome diverisity the SLs provide!

For Christmas day I did a simple braid out in which the ends were curled. These pics were taken towards the end of the day when the curls pretty much fell but the braidout lasted for a few days.

LOok what the cat dragged in

Hey All Its been a looong time I know. Life has a way of sweeping you off your feet and carrying you into uncharted territories for months before you even realize you've left your business as usual day and mindset. All that being said things are going really well on my end, I am in the clinical portion of my Chiropractic education soooo if any of you are in need of a chiropractor and in the Florida area hit me up I would love to be your student intern ;-)!

On the sisterlock front I have news..... I CUT MY LOCKS! DUN DUN DUNNNNNN.....

Just kidding LOL but they have been going through some serious changes which have made me wonder if I should cut them.. short, not off to get rid of all my color and just start over with my uncolored new growth. The problem is that my hair has never done well with chemicals, be it relaxers or color ( especially color) this is the same problem I faced when I was a loose natural and colored my hair I loved it and then months later my hair started freaking out and breaking off at an alarming rate which is whats happening with my locks. ( I should have known better right?!?) Its growing really well but my colored end are breaking despite efforts of deep conditioning and things of that nature which just aid in my hair becoming very soft and unlocking. Decisions decisions...

I am still very much in love with my locks though, more so now than ever. My grid is still intact almost 3 years later ( a testament to the absolutely amazing job my initial consultant, Claire Greene did, and the ease of DYI after taking the reti class) They are at an awesome length, I wear my hair out quite often now and I don't curl it much these days either but when I do curl it or put it in a updo it looks great. It has so much bounce and it never looks dry so aside from the color breakage issue My hair is doing wonderfully. I'll post a few pictures of some styles I wore for a holiday party I went to and some comparison shots a little later.

I've also been considering becoming a consultant myself.... Hmm what do you guys think?