Saturday, July 11, 2009

comparison shots

Just wanted to see for myself how much growth I have had. Not a tremendous amount but good enough. I'm really glad that my locks are growing healthy and strong. They have definitely thickened up and are now starting to take on a more locked feel as apposed to the feel of the SL pattern. All is well with my hair now if I could just get rid of this build up problem everything would be great.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4 months and retightening

Well I finally got to tame the beast. My retightening took almost 5 hours, yep thats right 5 hours. Now that its done I'm sooo happy I can see and feel my scalp again. My hair feels so much softer now that it has been retighten, all is right with the world, almost there wasn't much my consultant could do about my build up especially given the fact that I had to have such an extensive retightening. Here are some pics of before and after. My hair has def grown a lot this time around.

Monday, July 6, 2009

As promised here are the pics...

I only posted pics of close family as I'm sure not everyone there wants their face on my blog. :-) This is a pic of me and two of my aunts, here you can really see the length of my hair. Not to mention everyone here was in on the surprise.

Here is a pic of me and my best friend who I affectionately call Ducky, A true friend that has stood by me throughout the years.

Here is me and my momma, I love this woman dearly she always goes above and beyond for my sister and I to make sure that we get the very best in life. Not to mention that she always floods us with so much love, affection and support she is soo awesome and I am so blessed to have her.

And here is my sister and my very best friend in the whole world. I could not have asked for a more supportive big sister. She is so wonderful to me, no matter what I know that I can turn to my sister for anything and likewise she can do the same with me. Its funny looking at old pictures and visibly seeing how close we have always been, something clearly attributed to the way we were raised.

Finally * keep the wise cracks to a minimum please!* here is a poster board that my sister made of pictures of me through the years. ON the far right there is a pick of me and my dad and all over are pics of me and various friends and family. I am a very sentimental person so I could not have asked for anything more that this. This was absolutely the perfect gift. I got a chance to hang out with many of my favorite and closest friend and relatives and pictures of memories and days long forgotten. It was sooooo great and I thank God everyday for blessing me with such a wonderful and thoughtful family.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

For me?

Hey all so for the 4th of July my family threw me a surprise graduation cook out, It was great a indeed a surprise which for me is no easy task! I will post pics soon. I go to get my retightening on Wednesday and I'm soo happy, I can't wait!

Friday, July 3, 2009


OK so I'm approaching the 8 week mark for my retightening and boy I will NEVER do this again. I thought because there wasn;t much growth for my last retightening that I would be able to make it to 8 weeks no problem. Boy was I wrong, my hair has grown so much and I have major slippage in the back. My edges are getting a little thin because all I have been able to do with my hair in wear it back because I desperately need a retightening. NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT i AM DREADING the time its going to take my wonderful consultant to fix this mess. *Sigh* the things you do to save a little money, that often wind up costing you more money and more of your precious time in the long run. I guess I can call this a lesson learned. Also my hair is experiencing major shrinkage and I believe that is due to the amount of new growth and the amount of slippage because with all of my natural being exposed my hair is free to do what it does best and that is curl up real tight. So now I spend my days that I have somewhere worth going, inventing ways to lengthen and relax my curls. All the others days I just get up shake them out, finger comb them through on a head band and go. Don't get me wrong I still love my sister locks, I just wish I didn't do this to myself.

Tomorrow will make four months for me. I think i'll be more excited about it when I get my hair done and I can see and feel my scalp again. Go figure, first I was worried about too much scalp showing now I can't wait to get my scalp back!
Until next time cherish what you have and remember no amount of money is worth lost time!

Kay Exquisite