Wednesday, January 28, 2009

AHHH I got the BUg!!

OK so I'm a little upset, my class ended last week after some hard studying and taking two long finals on Friday I went to work for the week end. I received my grades on Saturday morning and needless to say I was ecstatic because I passed with a 'B' which clearly is a blessing. Anyway after having a great weekend at work I decided to go home instead of straight back to school. I got some good home cooking watched a movie with my mom and went to bed happy.

But then the Monday morning came and brought with it the worst stomach ache ever. Mind you I had to leave early that morning to get back my first day of class for the semester but that clearly was not going to happen. I layed in bed an assumed full baby mode, with the pouting, the blankie, a Moooommmy my tummy hurts and everything, Yep and I AM NOT ASHAMED! lol anyway I got the full mamma treatment complete with home remedies and vitamins and the boot to go to class. I gotta say I was a little hurt that I got the boot but I did feel slightly better so went on my way. I got about half way home and the headache started about 3/4 the way the whole body ache started and by the time I got home to drop my stuff off I knew i had a fever because even my eyeballs were hot and class was no longer an option. I felt like poo and I made the mistake of trying to eat McDonald's to see if food would help with the pain on the way home, BIG MISTAKE... I went to bed but i felt so bad i couldn't sleep. After a couple of hours and a couple of harassing phone calls from my mother to get up eat some soup and take some Aleve I gave in, I did just that and went to bed.

My Mamma said it was due to stress and tiredness considering I had been pulling all nighters studying for my class from the nether regions and then going to work and then trying to prepared for my new classes. But I blame the vitamins that she has been making me take, I was fine till she tried to make me healthy! LOL No but I later found out that it was some bug going around and one of my clients had it and I picked it up *sigh* and thanks to those vitamins I didn't get it as bad as they did. There goes my theory, but If you tell her I said that I'll deny it.

Stay healthy, Stay stress free, Stay Blessed


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Help... Color or Not

Okay, hey everyone so I am a little shy of a month away from getting my Sls installed and I really want to color my hair. My issue is that I got it colored for the first time maybe about a year ago and the color a bright red faded to a gold in about 3 weeks and it was a permanent die or so I was told by my hair dresser. I asked for just my tips to be color and after everything was over, more than half of my hair was colored. Needless to say my hair broke and kept breaking which is the affect perms have on my hair so I should have know I guess. Recently I got most of the color cut off of my hair to stop the breaking and to even it up, but I really did love my color, both the real color and the faded color. I've been seeing a few blogs about Hena rinses and I've asked a few people about it but I still dont know. I really want some color in my hair but I am really fearful about it now because of how my hair reacted and because I'm about to have my installation and I wont be able to moisturize and condition my hair as much as it will need to be. Are Hena rinses damaging to the hair? Do they show up well? Do they get all over your stuff like regular rinses? Please anyone who has some advice about what I should do it would really be appreciated.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Okay so I guess I do have something to say after all. After getting in from class I started watching the Presidential Parade and snippets of the inauguration. I must say that I honestly never thought that I would see a black president so soon in my life. I would certainly say that this mile stone leaves us as a people at a crossroads. So many Black Americans are so proud of this monumental event but my question is will that same pride bring about change amongst us or will we as a people continue to degrade ourselves and use the fact that we now have a black president as our excuse to be a hot mess or will we truly embraced this change and strive to be the very best we can be and continue to pave the way on this road less traveled? I am extremely excited to see what changes will occur in our nation and yet I am fearful all the same. I watched with great excitement as the parade traveled through DC and as our new President waved at the crowd and participants. I Truly pray that God gives him the strength to endure the grave task he has in front of him and that this nation will rally together as a people united through faith in God and in our new Commander-in-Chief. How do you feel?


hey I got two followers YAY ME ! LOL, I dont really have much to say, My class has been so overwhelming that I cant focus on anything else. I've been getting the hang of this bloggin thing though and its pretty fun. I love reading other peoples blogs and seeing their progress and just getting a glimpse into their lives. I hope more people will stop by and read what I have to say. Until after finals, stay encouraged, stay positive, stay blessed.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


ok soo for those of you who don't know yet all of my friend are fools and here is a prime example. My soror saw some shoes in the mall that she just absolutely love and decided she had to buy herselve some new shoes and they r fly so I decided to share to pics with you. lol they didnt fit so she has decided to give them to her God daughter instead. :-)

OK so second piece of randomness the other day I was making breakfast. I cracked an egg and to my surprised it had two yokes. I was like wow thats cool let me take a picture and then i scrambled it and ate it and it was good! lol.

Just thought you might like to know


Kay Exquisite.

Sample Locks

Hello all,

As I'm procrastinating from studying anatomy I decided to post pics of my sample locks. The pics are a little blurry but not too bad. Do you guys think the parts on the right which are suppose to be mediums are too big? Also the smalls become so stringy, will that make my hair more likely to break? I'm still torn between smalls and medium maybe you can help me decide once you see what i'm talking about. Its been a long day I'm tired but sadly i have a long way to go before I can get some rest. I've been taking an accelerated Anatomy and physiology class and its winding down to the end. Its not too bad but it is exhausting. I realized a few days ago as i bugged my roommate and soror about my hair how much I love my hair. More importantly how much i love me LOL. I know that sounds so condescending and conceited but its true, I looked in the mirror with my hair going all over the place after I washed it and all I could think was man your beautiful. hahaha ok i'll stop. I guess the reason I bring it up is because how many times do we as women really look at ourselves and pay ourselves a compliment, I mean really. Not just, "yeah I'm fly" referring to an outfit or "yeah I look cute" referring to a hairstyle But truly looking at our self and paying our self the ultimate complement. "Look at God's beautiful creation, Kay Gurl, you fine!" lol So thats what I did, and it made me happy, yep it did. You should try it.

Kay Exquisite

These pics are pre and post wash. I experienced major shrinkage as I knew I would because my hair tends to do that all the time. Even heat from the sun makes it curl up. and I mean it curls, it will go from my chin to my temple and just stay there *sigh* but its a cute little curly Q i cant wait to have my whole head done!!!!!! I got my sample locks on december 20.

Friday, January 9, 2009

2009 the year of Redemption...

Well it's 2009, I feel so blessed to have been able to see the dawning of another year. When I think over the past year there are so many fractions of my life that I could have only gotten through with God on my side. So many times and so many things have tried to stop me from accomplishing my goals, but God had other plans for me. I read choosen vessels blog today and I was so inspired (thx) I saw where she had a target scripture for the year and I thought to myself wow that's awesome. Many times I focus on Scriptures that get me through the day or maybe even the week but I have never really thought about having a yearly target scripture. I think I'll go search the word or better yet let the word search me and find my target scripture for this 2009. For some reason I feel like I'm being drawn into a period of separation, from friends, from associates, from loved ones, everyone except family. These days I just cherish the time I get to spend with my mother and sister. I really don't know where I would be without them. They are my encourager's, my inspiration and my greatest supporters and I love them dearly.
In other news I still have my sample locks in. Sadly I waited too long to get back to my consultant and now she is booked all the way until march. I keep buggin her to see if she has any cancellation. I'm so excited about my sisterlocks I can't imagine having to wait a whole 3 months *sigh* ahh well. The anticipation is really driving me crazy though. Due to the free time on my hands (the time I spend hiding from homework or blogging sister locks instead of studying) I am now torn between getting medium or small locks. My hair is very thin and I really want my locks to be full once they mature but I'm afraid of the scalpage with the medium but one of my sample smalls is so stringy and I don't like the look nor do I want my hair to break later down the road. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyway I will keep you guys updated on my locking journey, hopefully I will be lock before March. Please feel free to stop in and leave me some comments I welcome them. I'm new to the blogging world and would love some interaction. Meanwhile,

Remember laughing makes life more livable, so beautify the world with your smile!

Journey with me into my Liberation, experience my Redemption
Kay Exquisite