Wednesday, January 28, 2009

AHHH I got the BUg!!

OK so I'm a little upset, my class ended last week after some hard studying and taking two long finals on Friday I went to work for the week end. I received my grades on Saturday morning and needless to say I was ecstatic because I passed with a 'B' which clearly is a blessing. Anyway after having a great weekend at work I decided to go home instead of straight back to school. I got some good home cooking watched a movie with my mom and went to bed happy.

But then the Monday morning came and brought with it the worst stomach ache ever. Mind you I had to leave early that morning to get back my first day of class for the semester but that clearly was not going to happen. I layed in bed an assumed full baby mode, with the pouting, the blankie, a Moooommmy my tummy hurts and everything, Yep and I AM NOT ASHAMED! lol anyway I got the full mamma treatment complete with home remedies and vitamins and the boot to go to class. I gotta say I was a little hurt that I got the boot but I did feel slightly better so went on my way. I got about half way home and the headache started about 3/4 the way the whole body ache started and by the time I got home to drop my stuff off I knew i had a fever because even my eyeballs were hot and class was no longer an option. I felt like poo and I made the mistake of trying to eat McDonald's to see if food would help with the pain on the way home, BIG MISTAKE... I went to bed but i felt so bad i couldn't sleep. After a couple of hours and a couple of harassing phone calls from my mother to get up eat some soup and take some Aleve I gave in, I did just that and went to bed.

My Mamma said it was due to stress and tiredness considering I had been pulling all nighters studying for my class from the nether regions and then going to work and then trying to prepared for my new classes. But I blame the vitamins that she has been making me take, I was fine till she tried to make me healthy! LOL No but I later found out that it was some bug going around and one of my clients had it and I picked it up *sigh* and thanks to those vitamins I didn't get it as bad as they did. There goes my theory, but If you tell her I said that I'll deny it.

Stay healthy, Stay stress free, Stay Blessed



LadyButterfly said...

Hey Kay,
I just love your confidence. Thanks for stopping by my site. One day I have to share my story of how I went natural for 3 years and made the huge mistake of going back to the lye. I look forward to seeing your progress!!! Your locks are coming along nicely. LOCK ON!

Maryee said...

I loved when I was in college and my mom would take care of me from time to time. She's got healing hands. Looks like your mom took care of you!!!! Wishing you well in your up coming locking session.