Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sample Locks

Hello all,

As I'm procrastinating from studying anatomy I decided to post pics of my sample locks. The pics are a little blurry but not too bad. Do you guys think the parts on the right which are suppose to be mediums are too big? Also the smalls become so stringy, will that make my hair more likely to break? I'm still torn between smalls and medium maybe you can help me decide once you see what i'm talking about. Its been a long day I'm tired but sadly i have a long way to go before I can get some rest. I've been taking an accelerated Anatomy and physiology class and its winding down to the end. Its not too bad but it is exhausting. I realized a few days ago as i bugged my roommate and soror about my hair how much I love my hair. More importantly how much i love me LOL. I know that sounds so condescending and conceited but its true, I looked in the mirror with my hair going all over the place after I washed it and all I could think was man your beautiful. hahaha ok i'll stop. I guess the reason I bring it up is because how many times do we as women really look at ourselves and pay ourselves a compliment, I mean really. Not just, "yeah I'm fly" referring to an outfit or "yeah I look cute" referring to a hairstyle But truly looking at our self and paying our self the ultimate complement. "Look at God's beautiful creation, Kay Gurl, you fine!" lol So thats what I did, and it made me happy, yep it did. You should try it.

Kay Exquisite

These pics are pre and post wash. I experienced major shrinkage as I knew I would because my hair tends to do that all the time. Even heat from the sun makes it curl up. and I mean it curls, it will go from my chin to my temple and just stay there *sigh* but its a cute little curly Q i cant wait to have my whole head done!!!!!! I got my sample locks on december 20.


sunsail said...

Hi Kay!

Your consultant will probably put in small locks around your hairline and medium locks everywhere else. The locks in your hair right now look medium, although she's probably testing more for which pattern to use than for size. A word of advice: please wait at least a year before being unhappy with your hair or deciding that your locks are too big/small/what have you. During this time, they will shrink, swell, and finally settle (most likely in that order) and you can't really get a good feel of what the end result will be. So, just take it one day at a time and work with--and love--what you've got, cuz that stage will probably never return.

Kay exquisite said...

hey Sunsail thanks for the advice i will def keep that in mind.