Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Okay so I guess I do have something to say after all. After getting in from class I started watching the Presidential Parade and snippets of the inauguration. I must say that I honestly never thought that I would see a black president so soon in my life. I would certainly say that this mile stone leaves us as a people at a crossroads. So many Black Americans are so proud of this monumental event but my question is will that same pride bring about change amongst us or will we as a people continue to degrade ourselves and use the fact that we now have a black president as our excuse to be a hot mess or will we truly embraced this change and strive to be the very best we can be and continue to pave the way on this road less traveled? I am extremely excited to see what changes will occur in our nation and yet I am fearful all the same. I watched with great excitement as the parade traveled through DC and as our new President waved at the crowd and participants. I Truly pray that God gives him the strength to endure the grave task he has in front of him and that this nation will rally together as a people united through faith in God and in our new Commander-in-Chief. How do you feel?


Anonymous said...

Do you believe in miracles?

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