Friday, February 27, 2009

Searching for my Sex in the City!

I have needs, strong needs that need to be met. No its not what you think, recently I have been a little off with my work, with school and with my friends. I find myself evaluationg all those around me and just trying to find those outside of my family that truly give me comfort. I'm really in search of some Sex and theCity friends, some girls who really have my back no matter what. People who I can disclose my inner feelings to, my problems, my hopes, my secrets, my inner turmoil and have them really just listen, throw some advice my way and leave it alone. I want a Jack, quirky and full of sarcasm to offset my seriousness and I want a Will to be my cuddle buddy, no strings attatched, no chance of them trying to put the moves on me, just comfort. Yeah I mixed TV shows so what its my blog... anywhoo I can't help but wonder if S&C's really happen. I mean do they exist? My favorite TV show is Sex and the City and I watch as these women end up in their various situations time after time but the one thing that is consistant is the sisterhood they share. Its the bond that through all the men, mistakes and arguments is never broken. I can't help but wonder where my S&C's are.
Heres to you very own S&C's,
Kay Exquisite

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So I am reaching out to those from the Dallas FOrt Worth area, I'm considering the area and I really would like to know the ups and down from an inside point of view. I have visited it and I loved it and I had a great time but of course once is never enough to tell. So can you all give me the run down on the area please. Thx.


I need the same run down and a comparison of the two places. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!

Well these past couple of weeks have been interesting. I've started my final semester and it has been anything but a breeze. I hard some pretty hard and time consuming classes but all is well. I'm so glad my apt is right around the corner because i have no clue what to do with my hair. It has been really unruly lately. All of my color is officially gone and I'm excited because I still have a decent amount of length left. Hey can someone please give me a step by step on how to get music from my windows media player or real player on my page please.

As for my hair I have not really taken any pic lately but here is a braid out picked out fro with all of my color gone.