Sunday, November 15, 2009

Whomp Whomp

Coloring a bust!!!! Sooo Um my main objective for adding a rinse to my hair was to deal with my build up issue in the back and my hair. DOn't you know that it did absolutely NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! Nothing do you believe that. The build up so still there bright as day I couldn't believe. SO what do I have to show for it nothing but crispy lock. After the rinse no color showed up at all like I said not even over the build up and my hair felt like straw. SO I had to take affirmative action and add conditioner lots of condition then after I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed I added some fantasia tea tree oil because my hair still felt dry and the braided my hair. I had no slippage throughout the whole process which was about the only good thing. Thats about it :-( I have not tried the shampoo yet because I didn't want to do too much to my hiar all at once. I plan on doing a moisture treatment with the SL products the end of this week just to make sure my hair has a little added moisture after the rinse. But all in all my hair feels and looks ok. Not as soft as it normally is but I feel after a few washes it will be back to normal. I twisted it and did a twist out which came out somewhat ok. Not a fav but definitely an option.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Abosolutely Love My Locks... That is all! LOL

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I gave into peer pressure ;-)

soooooo I gave in. LOL I said to myself, self stop stressing about your locks and just do what you want to do lol. I was in target looking for the Vo5 shampoo that gigglz talked about and looking straight back at me was the organics shampoo I picked it up and smelt it and it smelt so good then I saw next to it the Tahitian vanilla and ohhhh myy goodness it was like heaven. So I had to get it and I got a box of Clairol hot cocoa non-permanent color. Yep that's right I'm going to color, probably next week. I can't wait. Cross your fingers people.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

8 Months

wow I've been so busy I almost forgot about my 8 months anne. I am absolutely in love with my locks but as all love does it comes with its share of frustrations. For one this build-up issue will not rest and I am at a loss for what to do. I have switched shampoos, I use a scarf i just dont know. Also the front of my hair still is not locked. It has actually begun slip can you believe it? At 8 months my hair is slipping, the unraveling at the ends has officially turn to slippage in quite a few locks. sigh. Also my edges have begun to get week since I have been retightening. I think this is partly due to me connecting some locks by a couple strands and popping them to seperate. So needless to say I believe I will be going to a consultant very soon. Other that that my locks are doing very well LOL. The back is really locked the middle is partly locked and some of the front is showing good signs of becoming locked soon and other just want to be free. Most of all my locks have lots and lots of personality.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I've reach 50!

Hey everyone, I have reached 50 followers. Again Thank you all for taking the time out of your schedule to read and follow my blog. :-) I'm so happy to know that someone out there or at least 50 someones lol want to know what I have to say and about the progression of my locks.

Until next time.
stay blessed