Saturday, November 7, 2009

I gave into peer pressure ;-)

soooooo I gave in. LOL I said to myself, self stop stressing about your locks and just do what you want to do lol. I was in target looking for the Vo5 shampoo that gigglz talked about and looking straight back at me was the organics shampoo I picked it up and smelt it and it smelt so good then I saw next to it the Tahitian vanilla and ohhhh myy goodness it was like heaven. So I had to get it and I got a box of Clairol hot cocoa non-permanent color. Yep that's right I'm going to color, probably next week. I can't wait. Cross your fingers people.


Bajan Lily said...

lol, look at that Gigglz leading everyone astray :)

I tried a black rinse in my hair and the world didn't end, so good luck when (if) you do yours & have a great week!

Kay exquisite said...

thx. Yeah I couldn't resist the temptation especially since that was the third time I saw a review about it and the second time I saw it in the store. :-)

Natural High said...

Wow. So funny I am feeling that itch for color too but my DH is like NO your consultant did not say it was time. It is so funny how she has him scared straight,well me too...bless her heart! But because of her he stays on me about following the can't wait to see how yours turn out. I may be next :-)

Kay exquisite said...

lol... maybe if I had a consultant now I would feel the same way, but since I don't I'm just throwing the rules out the window! hahaha

The Woman Inside said...

Look what Gigglz has started! I am several months behind you and look at the example you guys are setting. lol
I can't wait to see your results.

Anonymous said...

Yaw'll too cute, way funny. Hmmm, my consultant told me I shouldn't be dying now. Ya think there's a reason why???

All I know is, folk keep telling me I look old with my beautiful silver hair and how since I am in the job market and there is age discrimination (I'm 50) that I need all the edge I can get. Soooo, I reluctantly started permanent coloring my hair (before my SL's). Fast forwarding this story, I am now engaged and ole dude DEFINITELY does not like the white hair; thinks I look younger with the dark hair. So, my compromise has been that I grab a handful of hair in the front, seperate it from the rest and dye the u-shape around the patch in my hand. That way I have this silver/white band of hair cascading from the sea of black all around (personally I like the look); yet, I digress.

Is there some reason that with SL I shouldn't be dying my hair???? Oy vey!!! LOL

Mile High Sisterlocks said...

Hey Kay, just be careful with the color. I've read that if you color too soon ( less than 1 year or something like that) it can compromise the integrity of your locks (my words). Also, I have a friend who colored too soon, and against her consultants advice and it totally stunted the growth and development of her locks. So just be sure you are willing to accept the results..good or otherwise. You and Gigglz are definitely leading the way so we are watching and reading. LOL!! Hoping for awesome results for you!!!

Kay exquisite said...

way to lay on the guilt guys LOL Even though I said color its actually a rinse I don't really plan on putting permanent color into my hair anytime soon. And just as a disclaimer I'm sure gigglz would agree Please consult your own loctician before changing your hair routine. ;-) But I still don't feel guilty about the shampoo hahahahahahaha hopefully I wont pay for it later.

Gigglz said...

Hey Gals!!!

@Kay - definitely don't stress about the build up and unraveling. Your locks are doing what they need to do in this journey. Now the color, I don't know if I would use Clairol, it is still very harsh. You don't want to try a more natural hair color since you're already experiencing unraveling?

Did you buy the VO5, lol?

@Mile High-I colored around six months and I did notice some bunching. Its funny that you say that you may stunt growth because I'm wondering if my hair has stopped growing. Or maybe its because I'm constantly stretching out the lock to check the length. IDK!

Like Kay I don't have a consultant to tell me the do's and don'ts so I'm freelancing all the way!! So far so good! And Kay make sure you let us know how it goes.