Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall hairstyles

Hey so my computer decided to work today so I'm taking advantage of that to post some pics of some styles I have been experimenting on. I was jst twisting my hair up and I loved the way it came out, more so than anything I have done with my hair before, I thought it was very classy yet calm enough for everyday wear. This is def a style I will repeat.

Then after the style got old I took out the smaller twisted side and wore it half up with crinkles.

the final is just a basic pin back which is kinda how I wear my hair the most these days.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Reti number 2

Hey all I just finished my second reti today it took me waaaay longer to do thus one and it was way more painful to my fingers. Does anyone else have this problem? I tried wrapping my fingers with tape and that really didn't work. I'm getting frustrated because I don't wanna have to put up with a sore swollen finger every month. Anyway my pc is down So I won't be posting any pictures. My hair is doing well otherwise I think the back is locking well my front is still very unravelled I'm hoping it will start locking soon and that when I go for my follow up with a new consultant I won't have to go through a lot of or any grooming and fixing. I give mad props to those who do there hair all the time with the sisterlock tool.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bantu Knot

This was a Bantu curl set I did a while back it came out great and the curls lasted about a week they loosened up about day 3 and by day 5 it was a nice wave. I loved it so I wore this curl often.

Now it seems that my hair does not curl as well with this set I think it may be due to the fact that so much of my ends are loose I dunno but it does get a nice wave.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reti pics

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Loving my Sisterlocks 6 Months Later

Hey so I'm at six months today! YAy!! I will post pictures later my computer crashed and it stores all my pics so lets hope that it gets fixed real soon shall we.

What I have noticed:

I don't style my hair half as much as I used to in my first 3 months or so. Now a days I mainly do I bantu set and wear it like that for 3-4 days then do another or just wear it freestyle.

To my surpise I don't wear as many headbands these days, which is strange to me because I love headbands.

My head has gotten very tender since my installation something I never experienced before this may be contributed to the fact that I have not combed my hair in 6 months. this could also be the reason why I have not been wearing as many headbands sometimes they hurt my head again something that didn't usually affect me before.

I still dont like the braid out especially now that my locks have expanded and my ends are loose. Its just a waste of time and gives me a giant afro.

my locks have expanded


The back of my hair is locking first

I started washing my hair every week to see if it helps my build-up issue although I took out most of the ones that had build up anyway.

My hair likes the heat of the sun, I think that is what has prompted my growth spurt over these past couple of months.

I mainly style when I have somewhere to go.

I really really love my locks.

what I'm looking forward to:

My ends sealing so I can wash my hair without bundles and banding.

the front of my hair to evenly be at my chin

Being able to have a decent pony tail

I want to try wrap a loc or at least pipe cleaner curls, just haven't devoted the time yet

I want to color my locks by December, if my locks are sealed.

I want to learn how to properly basket weave my hair I've tried and lets just say it turned out horribly.

Then I want to have enough length to do a really nice basket weave up do maybe with pipe cleaner curls in the back :-)