Saturday, September 5, 2009

Loving my Sisterlocks 6 Months Later

Hey so I'm at six months today! YAy!! I will post pictures later my computer crashed and it stores all my pics so lets hope that it gets fixed real soon shall we.

What I have noticed:

I don't style my hair half as much as I used to in my first 3 months or so. Now a days I mainly do I bantu set and wear it like that for 3-4 days then do another or just wear it freestyle.

To my surpise I don't wear as many headbands these days, which is strange to me because I love headbands.

My head has gotten very tender since my installation something I never experienced before this may be contributed to the fact that I have not combed my hair in 6 months. this could also be the reason why I have not been wearing as many headbands sometimes they hurt my head again something that didn't usually affect me before.

I still dont like the braid out especially now that my locks have expanded and my ends are loose. Its just a waste of time and gives me a giant afro.

my locks have expanded


The back of my hair is locking first

I started washing my hair every week to see if it helps my build-up issue although I took out most of the ones that had build up anyway.

My hair likes the heat of the sun, I think that is what has prompted my growth spurt over these past couple of months.

I mainly style when I have somewhere to go.

I really really love my locks.

what I'm looking forward to:

My ends sealing so I can wash my hair without bundles and banding.

the front of my hair to evenly be at my chin

Being able to have a decent pony tail

I want to try wrap a loc or at least pipe cleaner curls, just haven't devoted the time yet

I want to color my locks by December, if my locks are sealed.

I want to learn how to properly basket weave my hair I've tried and lets just say it turned out horribly.

Then I want to have enough length to do a really nice basket weave up do maybe with pipe cleaner curls in the back :-)


Gigglz said...

Congratulations!!! I've noticed on your blog as well that you have stopped styling as much. We had to condition ourselves that with SL's you don't HAVE to style daily!! I can't wait to see your comparision pics!

Anonymous said...

You have a great blog! I'm 4mos SL'd and after looking at your hair, I realize we have the same hair type. My hair looks just like yours. Since you are a few months ahead of me, I will be watching to see the changes you experience as your hair locks.