Friday, September 25, 2009

Reti number 2

Hey all I just finished my second reti today it took me waaaay longer to do thus one and it was way more painful to my fingers. Does anyone else have this problem? I tried wrapping my fingers with tape and that really didn't work. I'm getting frustrated because I don't wanna have to put up with a sore swollen finger every month. Anyway my pc is down So I won't be posting any pictures. My hair is doing well otherwise I think the back is locking well my front is still very unravelled I'm hoping it will start locking soon and that when I go for my follow up with a new consultant I won't have to go through a lot of or any grooming and fixing. I give mad props to those who do there hair all the time with the sisterlock tool.


Mile High Sisterlocks said...

Sounds frustrating indeed. Hopefully the next reti will go better...and faster. I thought that you did a reti about 3 weeks ago. Your fingers are probably still tired from that. Hang in there maybe some of the other sistahs can offer some advice. My locks are younger than yours and my first reti is 2 weeks away. When will you see your new consultant? I give you props for hanging in there and finishing what you started. Way to go girl!

Kay exquisite said...

Hey thanks for coming through my blog. I have been doing my retis every 3 weeks because I find at 3 weeks I have enough growth for a rotation and a half and 2 full rotation on some locks so I just decided to keep it that way for now so the my reti's don't take tremendously long. Yeah I really an hoping a vet can tell mr something that will help with this problem, I like the freedom but the pains got to go.

Gigglz said...

CONGRATS on your second retightening. Who is your new consultant? Was she recommended or you found her on the website?

I did have pain in my finger after the first retightening with the SL tool but within a day it went away. I found that pulling the clip down with your nail instead of finger helps tremendously. I'm going to retighten again next week I will see what tips I can give you.