Monday, January 17, 2011


This weekend was interesting... A friend of mine suddenly died while taking the physical portion of a police academy test. Then Sunday another friend informed me that their grandmother had passed that day only a few hours before. It made me stop and really really evaluate life. Is it even worth it to make plans? I mean really... the word says "man makes plans and God laughs at them" (paraphrased but you get what I'm saying) If He is the only one that knows and directs or future should we even plan for it? I mean your whole life could change in a instant, your thought process, goals, reasons for going on... all of it could be drastically altered by one decision or by one unchangeable moment in time. Then what?

Sometimes I wonder why death can be so incomprehensible. Its truly hard for me to understand how someone can be here one minute and then cease to exist the next. All that's left of them becomes a memory until you have to sometimes wonder if they ever really existed or were they and the way you really felt about them all just a figment of your imagination.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


This is the style I did for a Christmas party and a wedding I went to. For the Christmas party I wore it as is in the pictures and for the wedding I did tiny bantu knots and connected them together where the loose hair is on the side and left the bang out. I didn't take any close ups of it then though. It was a simple twist back with bigger twist in the back. I didn't want my hair sticking straight up so that's why I pinned it to the side.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thousands of birds falling dead out of the sky....Hundreds of thousands of fish dead?!?

I'm sure you all are up to date by now about the freaky occurrences of the US that are now spreading to other parts of the world. For those who have not heard yet, on New Years eve thousands of birds started falling dead out of the sky in Beebe, Arkansas. Many folks of the small Town awoke only to find their lawns and streets covers with dead birds.

A few days before over 100,000 Fish washed up dead in Arkansas.

Then on Monday More dead birds began to fall in Louisiana. It brought the number to over 5,000 birds. Then today the news has reported that on Tuesday over 500 Black birds fell dead in Sweden.
Crazy right? The craziest thing is all the birds seeming have all died from the same thing, some sort of blunt trauma. They all have massive damages to their eaks, wings, liver and heart as if they collided with something midair or that something hit them.

I want to know, What do you all think is going on?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Happened to my bloglist?!?

Soooo my entire blog list has disappeared from my blog somehow. What the heck. I was looking into a new template and playing around with it but I didn't apply or save anything. Now I'm looking on my page and my entire blog list is gone. Does anyone know what happened or how to get it back. Will I have to create it all over again? Sadly aside from a handful of blogs that I frequent and who frequently update I don't remember all that I had on the list. Help!