Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What Happened to my bloglist?!?

Soooo my entire blog list has disappeared from my blog somehow. What the heck. I was looking into a new template and playing around with it but I didn't apply or save anything. Now I'm looking on my page and my entire blog list is gone. Does anyone know what happened or how to get it back. Will I have to create it all over again? Sadly aside from a handful of blogs that I frequent and who frequently update I don't remember all that I had on the list. Help!


Natural High said...

Hi Kay,

This happened to me before. All the blogs that you follow should still show at the bottom of your dash board and I believe if you try to add the blog list (gadget) back all of the pages you follow should pop up and you should be able to just add them back. There may be other ways to do this. But I just remember when it happened to me I panicked but when I went to add the gadget back to my page they were all there. Hope this helps!

Queenlocks said...

I see your blogroll, or maybe you added it already.

Take care!
*click my name to see my blog*

Kay exquisite said...

Thanks, Yeah I ended up doing that yesterday, but there are still some missing for some reason some of the blogs I would follow only showed up in my update window on my dashboard and thers only on my bloglist on my page so there are some from my blog list that I did not get back but I got the majority so all is well. Thanks for the support. :-)


Did you try going throgh your comments? There may be links to those who have left you comments.
Your locks are beautiful, feeling just a bit depressed about m transition.

Kay exquisite said...

Hey Blaquegoddess thanks I didn't even think of doing that. Not to worry we have all gone through our transition nightmares and upsets with our locks but eventually they mature into a natural beauty no worries u'll be fine. I tried to go to ur site but I couldn't find ur blog page whats ur address?