Monday, January 17, 2011


This weekend was interesting... A friend of mine suddenly died while taking the physical portion of a police academy test. Then Sunday another friend informed me that their grandmother had passed that day only a few hours before. It made me stop and really really evaluate life. Is it even worth it to make plans? I mean really... the word says "man makes plans and God laughs at them" (paraphrased but you get what I'm saying) If He is the only one that knows and directs or future should we even plan for it? I mean your whole life could change in a instant, your thought process, goals, reasons for going on... all of it could be drastically altered by one decision or by one unchangeable moment in time. Then what?

Sometimes I wonder why death can be so incomprehensible. Its truly hard for me to understand how someone can be here one minute and then cease to exist the next. All that's left of them becomes a memory until you have to sometimes wonder if they ever really existed or were they and the way you really felt about them all just a figment of your imagination.


paula said...

I believe that when you make love a priority in your life and you share it around you, that love remains in the hearts and souls of those you leave behind. When you touch lives with the love you share, your spirit stays with them forever. It doesn't matter how long you live, it's the legacy you leave behind. That's my experience.

Coco Pebb said...

The fact is that we were not meant to die...we were not created to live for just seventy or eighty years...sometimes even less.

The Almighty God purposed us to live forever. His purpose has not changed...see Isaiah 55:11 in your Bible.

Yes, we can plan to do things but the Bible says "time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." The curse of sin, thanks to Adam and Eve, leads to death. But, the Most High God has a plan in place. If we follow His plan, as laid out in His Word, then the reward is everlasting life.

As far as God directing our lives, the Bible shows that we were all given the gift of free will. There is no Puppet Master pulling our strings. We make our own decisions and often we make poor decisions. He has not left us in the lurch though, because if we use the Bible as our manual for living, we will make good decisions.

"Keep on asking..." and you will find the answers to your questions, as stated at Matt 7:7.

John 17:3 says taking in knowledge leads to everlasting life. Just make sure the knowledge comes directly from God's Word and you can't go wrong.