Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sisterlock Sighting

Hey everyone I was so excited today. I was in the computer lab when this young lady walked in with a thick head of locs that immediately caught my eyes. I asked and she happily responded that indeed they were sisterlocks. It was a welcome surprise for both of us as she is the first SL head I've seen in this area. We had a pretty good conversation for about 20 minutes and then I asked if I could take her pic for my blog and she said yes. She has been locked for two years and was lock by a lady in Bowie Maryland. I told her I wouldn't show her face in the pic just to conceal her privacy. In our conversation hair washing came up. Now I wash my hair about every two weeks, she said she only used to wash her hair right before she got each retightening which was about every six weeks. Sadly I have been experiencing a lot of slippage. I don't know if it is due to washing or my spritzing with water and essential oils. What do you guys think, am I washing my hair too often? How often do you wash your hair?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

texture pictures

Just wanted to give some clear texture pictures of my hair at 1 1/2 months. As you can see my hair has thickened up a lot. I do not have as much scalp showing and my hair is now very coiled as it was when I would wear my fro. The medium locks in the middle act very different than the smalls everywhere else in my head they tend to flatten out easier and stick up way more than they rest of my hair. In a nut shell they just won't behave most times, so I have to just let them be. This could also be due to the texture of my hair there and the fact that right where the mediums are happens to be the shortest portion of my hair.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Essential oils

OK well I've been searching high and low to find some essential oils that people have been blogging about. The first one I found was a tea tree one from Fantasia one of my favorite product lines I might add, but it was super potent and broke me out. So I continued my search and found these products but now these are just greasy and the scent although somewhat strong in the bottle is not apparent in my hair at all. *sigh* what to do what to do. I don't want to keep adding drops of oil in because I don't want it to add build-up to my hair. Ohhh and I wasn't even sure if these were the ones that could be put in my hair, what do you think?
Here are a few pics of my hair I already washed my hair this week but after picking up the spray bottle full of shampoo and thinking it was my water and essential oil spritz I had to wash it again. Everyone keeps telling me my hair has grown but I don't see it. It definitely curled up and shrunk and therefore looks thicker but not longer, not to me anyway.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy 1 Month Anniversary to me!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Birthday Hair

I braided and unbraided and pined and took out and at the end this is what I achieved. What do you think?

here is a close up of my hair at 1 month.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I had my first retightening on the 29th on March. Afterwards my hair was so fluffy and light I loved it so I have not spritzed it since and I dont think I will until I absolutely have to. I have added tea tree oil to my water and talk about potent. I put like one drop and the smell was so strong I had to dump out the bottle of water rinse it and I filled it back up and you could still smell it. My face has started to break out around my hairline, I'm not sure what exactly is causing this problem, I added the oil around the same time I had my wash so it could be the shampoo, or the oil or just stress who knows *sigh* I just need it to rectify itself and now! Hey both my birthdays are coming up the end of this week. My 1 month Locversary is on the 5th and my B-day is on the 4th YAY ME!

Sooo ummmarahhhh how about this April Fool's bug I mean really? This sucks I am at a computer center now instead of at home because I just don't know about these things but I don't think it really matters where I am anyway because I'm still logged in to my site so it can still reach my personal information. This is ridiculous!

Anywhoo My locks are progressing well I think I might feel the little balls on the end... maybe just wishfull thinking. I am totally loving this stage of my hair though. The little curly ques give me a nice wet and wavy look especially after I have washed it and rock the braid out. Yes thats right I've made my piece with the braid out, well sort of. The braid out for me works really well when I do pin-up styles. It gives my locks a nice wavy look and well.... I don't know it just looks better to me when wavy than straight in a pin-up. Now me and the braid out are still at war when it comes to wearing my hair out. It just doesn't work for me. Since my last post I have taken Dewdrop's advice and I've left my hair alone for about two weeks, really trying to just freestyle and not manipulate them as much. This has made me spritz a lot more to tame and liven up my locs though.

My second wash went a lot better I guess, My hair didn't feel the way it did after the first wash. This time it felt soft after the wash once I took my braids out, it still didn't feel squeeky clean and some of my scalp was a little dry but that quickly went away. I still didn't band I didn't feel like it. I havnt told my consultant though shhhhhhhh! It was too many braids to do all that and then to take them off when it dried and they would probably knot on the ends of my hair uhhhhg I just didnt want to so I didn't. I didn't have any problems with it though, I only had one little braid in the back slip and that's because my hair is really soft back there. Other than that my consultant says that my hair is staying very well. By no means to I reccomend anyone not banding, please follow your consultants instructions what works and doesn't affect me may not do the same for you. Now that I've written a disertation I have a question does anyone know where to get a microfiber towel from? I have found pesky little towel lint balls in the front of my locks and that just wont do.