Saturday, April 11, 2009

Essential oils

OK well I've been searching high and low to find some essential oils that people have been blogging about. The first one I found was a tea tree one from Fantasia one of my favorite product lines I might add, but it was super potent and broke me out. So I continued my search and found these products but now these are just greasy and the scent although somewhat strong in the bottle is not apparent in my hair at all. *sigh* what to do what to do. I don't want to keep adding drops of oil in because I don't want it to add build-up to my hair. Ohhh and I wasn't even sure if these were the ones that could be put in my hair, what do you think?
Here are a few pics of my hair I already washed my hair this week but after picking up the spray bottle full of shampoo and thinking it was my water and essential oil spritz I had to wash it again. Everyone keeps telling me my hair has grown but I don't see it. It definitely curled up and shrunk and therefore looks thicker but not longer, not to me anyway.


Ezme said...

Thank you for passing by my blog. I will keep you informed on my progress with mango and lime products.

Stay Blessed

Sunny said...

Hey girl! How do I stop shrinkage? Thanks!

foxydiva said...

To my knowledge you don't usually find EO at the local beauty supply. A lot of things that say coconut/carrot/tea tree oil at those places are actually vegetable oils with a few splashes of EO. The bottles you show pics of, are essential oils. They have many uses outside of just hair. We tend to think of the word "oil" as greasy, but not really the case with EO's. They are made from plants treated by steam to release the natural plant oils, quite different from vegetable oils. EO/water blends shouldn't cause build up. My favs for itchy scalp are rosemary/eucalyptus/peppermint. Smells very "herby" but does the trick

Kay exquisite said...

hey thanks foxy!

@sunny: There is really not much you can do about shrinkage, except stay away from water. If your hair has a tight curl pattern it will always contact when any kind of moisture is put to it. I believe the best thing to do to minimize shrinkage is to wear a dry braid out, once braided your hair will be strightened out a little (actually krinkly but you know what I mean) and as long as you don't spritz it shouldn't coil too much. hope that helps.

@Ezme great thanks.