Friday, July 12, 2013

Don't Call it a Come BAck!

Hey All. I'm been a while since I've broken out the ole blog but I'm still here.

As for my locks they are going through some major changes. I have been experiencing some serious breakage and unraveling within the past year and a half that no matter what I have done including switching back to the sisterlock starter shampoo has done nothing to help. Its due to a combination of color damage and soft ends from conditioning my locks and using moisturizing shampoos in an effort to keep my colored hair moisturized enough so that it would break. To top it off I went about 6 weeks without a reti recently because my tool got lost and I didn't feel like paying the ridiculous price to get it replaced from the home office and it took me a while to find a consultant in my city.

What to watch out for ladies.... trainees and consultants that never even ask you what your pattern is before they attempt to start doing your hair, especially if you maintain your hair yourself. I found that a lot where I am and even though they "say" they are doing your pattern watch them. I had two consultants do the wrong pattern in my hair after I told them what my pattern was. The first time i didn't realize it until they were basically done because I was facing away from the mirror and with the second person I noticed right away because I was watching them like a hawk. This wouldn't be a big deal except I don't plan on going to them continuously and when I go back to retightening my hair and do a different pattern it will cause areas of weakness in my locks from the continuous switching of patterns.

I'm still loving my locks but I feel like its been the same length for the last year and a half due to all the breakage. I have also been clipping my ends every couple of months to try and keep them even. That does seem to help with the shedding for a little. Good news is all the color I had in my hair is almost gone so it should be smooth sailing within a few months if I keep clipping it.

Pictures to follow...