Friday, July 15, 2011

Still here

Hey all, First I'd like to say big thanks to Gigglz for the creative page shout out I haven't had a chance to post it but I will. Life has been so busy I have not had a lot of time to post but I have still have been following many of my fav blogs.

On the SL front my locks are doing very well. They have gotten a really nice length to them. I saw my reflection in a hallway mirror one day and I was surprised at how long they had gotten without me noticing. Now when I curl them it gives it a great bounce. Below are pictures of the first spiral set I did, it came out great I left it in the big spirals for about two days, it would have lasted three but it got wet in the rain so on the third day I separated it and it gave a great full curly look which i wore for the rest of the weak. Now its just a slight crinkle in them but still looks nice.

As for the integrity of my locks some of my front locks have broken off midway and I must admit that its most;y my fault. Mainly because I have had the build up issue in the past I would rub and scratch my lock to try and get it out that way ( instead of squeezing them while washing) and it began to slowly damage the lock strand by strand until there was a thin spot where the buildup use to be, two broke and I cut the other two so they wouldn't break.

Products: Since I used a lift and have colored my looks I needed something that would replace some of the moisture in my locks and the sisterlock products which are designed to make your locks rough to promote locking were not cutting it, well mainly the shampoo. So I went to a consultant down here, ( Finally found one that works really fast and does quality work) suggested I use design essentials color system and their leave-in conditioning spray. I was apprehensive at first but let me tell you. First off both products smell fantastic! Next the shampoo cleanses my hair and scalp very well without drying it out and the leave in condition has to be heat activated meaning I spray it on damp or dry hair and blow dry my hair for about 3-5 mins to activate it and it leaves m hair feeling so incredibly soft its amazing. Although my hair feels soft I have not noticed any of my locks softening to the point where the unravel or begin to unlock. Best part of all... neither product leaves me with BUILD-UP!! Which those of you who have been following me know has been a problem of mine on and off since I started my locks. THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!!!! I've been using it since April and still no build-up, no unraveling, no dry brittle locks. YAY!

My routine these days in: Wash with Design Essentials color shampoo and Sisterlocks Moisture Treatment as my conditioner. once a week-2weeks depending. I believe this is still the best rinse out conditioner out there for sisterlocks it always leaves my locks feeling great, but if I don't wash it out completely it does leave build-up. Then I'll do a DE leave in conditioner spritz about 3-4 days after that just to moisten and soften my locks in between washes. Rarely do I spritz with water and EO mix in the mornings anymore simply because I've been doing roller sets or braidouts and the water would cause them to falls and I try and make them last at least a week. I do do it before I set my hair though.