Sunday, March 22, 2009

1st wash

Braiding wasn't bad but banding was a bit much so I opted out, oops! :-o I didn't have any real problems because of it though. When I go for my follow-up I'll ask my consultant if it is really that necessary for me to band if I've already braided it. I really didn't like the way my hair felt after using the SL shampoo, it still felt dirty, dry and dirty. I'll keep using it though at least until my sample bottle is finished and then I may switch to another shampoo now that I know I can. Here are the pics, its official I really don't like my hair in the braid out at this length and stage but the braid out makes for a mean pin up style. I'm trying to leave my hair alone in response to advice from various people but its hard. I hate wearing my hair the same way every day but I'm seriously going to try because I don't want to slow the maturation of my locks in anyway.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In need on encouragement

Well here I am, these past couple of weeks have been hard for me. I find myself struggling to hang on to a thread of familiarity, something that reminds me of me. I stare at myself in the mirror and I no longer see me. I look at my pictures and wonder who is this woman I'm starring at? No, it has nothing to do with my sisterlocks but more to do with my presence or lack there of. Lately I just feel so empty. I mean I feel like I'm stuck in a never ending cycle of foolishness. I wake up I go to class, I eat, I come home I study, I go to church twice a week, I read my word but still I feel so empty. I feel like the world is passing me by, I feel like my life is passing me by and I don't know what to do. I don't know how to slow things down so that I can feel whole again. I read a book once that spoke of a man who went on safari in Africa and got some natives to be his guide, apparently it should have taken them about a week to get half way through their journey but it only took them about threes days and the man's guides stopped and sat down and would not move. When he asked them why they had stopped they said to him we have moved too fast and we need to wait for our souls to catch up. Is that what has happened? Have I moved so fast the my soul is still in my past chillin? This may not make any sense to you but I am really treading in unfamiliar water here. I feel like I'm having a midlife crisis and I'm only in my twenties. HELP!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sisterlocks Week 2

Well This week has been a lot of fun. I have experimented quite a bit with my locks this week. I cornrowed it, and tried the braid out which as you can tell by the pic above after the cornrows did not work out well at all. But after a little manipulation I decided to try a pin-up style which ended up in the hump and the sides pined back. The hump slowly deflated as the day went on but I still like it. Ahhh I'm so please with my locks.
I have started spritzing about once every two days so my locks would be more fluid but it has made that divide between small and medium extremely obvious because as my hair shrinks the mediums really shrink up and get fat and the smalls just get the little curly cues on the end, which are soo cute might I add. Also as you can see from the braided back my grid in the back is not straight up and down. *sigh* ahh well I guess its where it transitions from small to medium. I guess nothing in life is perfect huh? I still love my sisterlocks though, they are great. Now drawbacks If I have to have another debate with another female about my hair not being really tiny two strand twist out I'm gonna scream! I mean these chicks just will not take an answer for an answer, surprisingly more guys have know that my hair was in sisterlocks that females. I plan on washing my hair tomorrow, I have not had any flakes and my scalp really isn't dry so I'm thankful for that. I hope I never go through the itches that others complain about. I want to get some essential oils just to add a scent to my hair but I'm not sure where to get them from, I have some peppermint oil but its the one that you can eat or mix in water for tea rather so I don't know if that is the same one I should use in my hair, any suggestions? I will post my braid and banding and post wash pics later in the week.
Stay blessed,

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Loving my Sisterlocks Week 1

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm Sisterlocked!!!

Hey everyone Its been a long time coming but I am finally a member of the Sisterlock crew. YAY!!!!!! here are pic of my hair in stages:

Day 1 Day 2

So I am really ecstatic about the way my hair turned out. Every row perfectly parted, perfectly even. They are so tiny I love it! I was scared that my hair wouldn't look full but I love the way it looks, but jeese do I have a big forehead lol. My consultant was so great I truly enjoyed the whole experience. My locks were installed in 12 and a half hours not including lunch over a two day period. The first day flew by the second day took a little longer, my butt and the back of my head was going numb so I was a bit squirmy, but it was still and enjoyable day. We watched TV and talked, good times. My lock pattern is 4 and my consultant said my hair type is medium to small curl pattern.

The Final Product

Here is the lady that made this all possible. Ms. Claire Green Herself #1 Consultant WOOOOOHOOOO!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hair Experiences

Just thought I'd post a couple of various styles I've sported. I really like to have options and to experiment of various styles.

When I went to get my hair colored I asked for just my tips to be colored, needless to say more than half of my hair was colored. Talk about the worst decision I ever made. Look at the length of my hair a year prior to me coloring it. It was healthy and a real nice length. After I colored it by the way the real color is below. It began to break and continued to break until I had to just cut most of the color off which you can see in the pic above is a lot of hair. I loved the color when I got it but it quickly turn from a red to a bronze which I loved even more and finally into a brittle hair disaster. I don't know if my hair just really could not take the chemical or if it was just a bad job but I don't think I'll be doing permanent color again any time soon. When I think about the length I could and should have right now I could just kick myself.

As you can see I wore twist a lot I love this look which is one of the reasons I chose SL for the look and the diversity.

This is a pic of my gel twist before learning of SLs This is the method I was going to choose to start my locks. And the one to the right is probably a couple days before getting my gel twist. I was rocking my swoop fro. Both pics where taken probably a week before I colored my hair.

In regards to this last pic, I was feeling myself that day, A girls gotta have a little fun Loving herself doesn't she?