Monday, March 2, 2009

Hair Experiences

Just thought I'd post a couple of various styles I've sported. I really like to have options and to experiment of various styles.

When I went to get my hair colored I asked for just my tips to be colored, needless to say more than half of my hair was colored. Talk about the worst decision I ever made. Look at the length of my hair a year prior to me coloring it. It was healthy and a real nice length. After I colored it by the way the real color is below. It began to break and continued to break until I had to just cut most of the color off which you can see in the pic above is a lot of hair. I loved the color when I got it but it quickly turn from a red to a bronze which I loved even more and finally into a brittle hair disaster. I don't know if my hair just really could not take the chemical or if it was just a bad job but I don't think I'll be doing permanent color again any time soon. When I think about the length I could and should have right now I could just kick myself.

As you can see I wore twist a lot I love this look which is one of the reasons I chose SL for the look and the diversity.

This is a pic of my gel twist before learning of SLs This is the method I was going to choose to start my locks. And the one to the right is probably a couple days before getting my gel twist. I was rocking my swoop fro. Both pics where taken probably a week before I colored my hair.

In regards to this last pic, I was feeling myself that day, A girls gotta have a little fun Loving herself doesn't she?