Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm Sisterlocked!!!

Hey everyone Its been a long time coming but I am finally a member of the Sisterlock crew. YAY!!!!!! here are pic of my hair in stages:

Day 1 Day 2

So I am really ecstatic about the way my hair turned out. Every row perfectly parted, perfectly even. They are so tiny I love it! I was scared that my hair wouldn't look full but I love the way it looks, but jeese do I have a big forehead lol. My consultant was so great I truly enjoyed the whole experience. My locks were installed in 12 and a half hours not including lunch over a two day period. The first day flew by the second day took a little longer, my butt and the back of my head was going numb so I was a bit squirmy, but it was still and enjoyable day. We watched TV and talked, good times. My lock pattern is 4 and my consultant said my hair type is medium to small curl pattern.

The Final Product

Here is the lady that made this all possible. Ms. Claire Green Herself #1 Consultant WOOOOOHOOOO!


Phoenix Rising said...

Welcome to the family, you look marvelous!

Menina said...


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dewdrop said...

Wow, they look so perfect!

Sereni-T said...

WOW!!! They look beautiful!!! Your consultant is fantastic. I put my deposit down to take the 4day course in August and I aspire to have my clients walking out looking like that. I look forward to following your journey.