Monday, March 2, 2009

1 day to go!!

Wohooo well I thought it would never get here but I'm one way away from my installation. I think I've been excited so long that I'm all excited out, at this point I just want to get my hair done. I am now at the point where I'm nit picking and becoming very anal about how I want my hair done, and thats not good for anybody. So I'm trying to just chill out and go and start my journey. Sooooo I had a snow day today, it was great I got a lot of well needed cleaning done and I was able to relax. All of my classes were cancelled which was not a good thing for me I had a lot to do in some of those classes today which I will have to now do another day, sigh. But since its there is it too much to ask for another one so I just don't have to bother tomorrow either? I washed my hair and did a deep conditioning treatment tonight. Sorry for the rough pics but ahh well what can I say it was late and I was tired when I took most of them. I will post on Thursday if I'm not too tired or on Friday of my installation. Until then, stay warm.