Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm Finshed!

Whoo Hooo two days or 3.5 two hour session later and I have finished my first full self retightening. and I think I did a pretty bang up job if I do say so myself! Toot toot LOl anywho I started to wear a latex gloves which help a little with the pinching of my fingers so I was able to go a little faster and longer between sections and breaks. I found the back the easiest to do and I did it the fastest maybe because they were a little larger I'm not sure either way I divided my head into 3 sections in the back and four sections in the front. I watched tv and before I knew I was whipping through the sections. I will say though that its not as 'Tight' looking as when Claire does it but its cool I tried not to go too tight because I didn't want to weaken my lock and I wasnt really sure how tight was too tight so I just played it safe and went until it was close to my scalp even there was still loose hair, if I couldnt get in another full rotation I just left it alone. I'm so proud of myself! YAY me!

I give props to those who do this on a regular basis because um a rahh its not easy, not that hard either but definitely not easy. Big Ups to all the DIY whichever tool or method you use to tighten your locks More POwer To Ya!

Pictures coming soon


Gigglz said...

Congratulations!!! 7 Hours- dang!! You were zipping through, I'm so jelly - LOL! How many weeks was it since your last retightening?

This weekend I'm going to be working on mine, I don't know if I will finish in seven hours though!!!

Kay exquisite said...

it was about 3 weeks but I had enough for about a rotation and a half on almost eveyr lock and the timing helped that about3-4 of the rows on the right were already done from class. I got a little nervous about them becoming like the ones I worked on during the class which were unraveled and loose, so I figured sooner would be better than later.

Kay exquisite said...

oh and I have been taking out and redoing the ones in the back with the build up issue and they are coming out ok one was jacked up but I figured I would leave it alone until I go to someone who actually knows what they are doing for that one and they rest of them although the build up is annoying I'm pretty sure no hair in the back of my head would be a lot more annoying.

Gigglz said...

Your a full fledged DIY'er!!! Do you think you will stick to a 3 week schedule or push it to 4?
I'm sure you feel much better about th ones in the back with the buildup.

Since the class, a few of mine between like 3-5 have unraveled from the end since they are in the back middle of my head I'm not worried about them. I lost all my hair trying to take one out!!! LOL!

Felicia said...

I am so excited for you!!! I feel as though I have retightened my own hair!!! Keep us newbies informed or shall I call us teenagers now??? Congratulations!!

dewdrop said...

WooHoo! Hi-5! Congrats on completing your first DIY session. In no time you will become faster with each session and remember to take breaks! I'm so proud of you!