Saturday, January 24, 2009

Help... Color or Not

Okay, hey everyone so I am a little shy of a month away from getting my Sls installed and I really want to color my hair. My issue is that I got it colored for the first time maybe about a year ago and the color a bright red faded to a gold in about 3 weeks and it was a permanent die or so I was told by my hair dresser. I asked for just my tips to be color and after everything was over, more than half of my hair was colored. Needless to say my hair broke and kept breaking which is the affect perms have on my hair so I should have know I guess. Recently I got most of the color cut off of my hair to stop the breaking and to even it up, but I really did love my color, both the real color and the faded color. I've been seeing a few blogs about Hena rinses and I've asked a few people about it but I still dont know. I really want some color in my hair but I am really fearful about it now because of how my hair reacted and because I'm about to have my installation and I wont be able to moisturize and condition my hair as much as it will need to be. Are Hena rinses damaging to the hair? Do they show up well? Do they get all over your stuff like regular rinses? Please anyone who has some advice about what I should do it would really be appreciated.


sunsail said...

Well, I don't know how much advice I can give you, but I'll tell you what I know. Is your hair all natural now, or do you have permed ends? You will be able to withstand the color better if you don't already have chemically processed hair. You are correct; you will not be able to moisturize or use moisturizing conditioners for a hot minute, so if you dye how hair prior to the SL installation, it will be a tad dry. The best you can do is color early and moisturize the heck out of it before you get your SLs installed. If you color after your Sls are installed, it will probably be after they settle--months into the process (it took ME a year and a half, so brace yourself).

The way henna works is that it coats your hair shaft in color (it doesn't strip any color already in your hair), and I DO think it's moisturizing, but do your homework. I never did it cuz it just seemed so messy. My friend used to henna her hair, and her hair was jet black (she is Indian). The only time we would see the color is if she was standing in direct sunlight. So I guess it's like a glaze.

Sorry I can't tell you what to do one way or the other; it's your hair and you know it best. You will have to decide what to do on your own.

Menina said...

I got my hair dyed black about a week before my install @ a natural haircare place. She used Naturtint which is an all nautural product and therefore is not supposed to be damaging. You can get more info about the product online. Since you are in the DC area I suggest Courtney at Urban Nature Styles. She did a great job on mine and I plan to go back to her to get my hair lighter in the summer.

Good luck!!

Kay exquisite said...

My hair is all natural, I've been looking online and some people said that once you put it in there is no washing it out and some people said that it will wash out. But we will see, SO far I have not been able to find a store that carries it but I'm gonna keep looking and keep researching because I really do want the color but not the chemicals that come with it. Thx Sunsail

@ Menina: sooooooooooooo, I super excited about ur page, here is why:
I looked at ur install pics and I was like hmmmm.... there is something very familiar about that background, something familiar indeed. Then I looked over ur page a little more and I saw your consultants website, Claire is going to install my locks as well. I'm super excited because I absolutely love the way your locks came out. I would have put this on ur page but there was no comment button. But I still have to wait until March :-( Did the coloring damage ur hair any that you can tell?

dewdrop said...

If you have a lot of damage, then you may not want to color again because then it might affect your locks down the line (i.e. brittle, breakage). If you must color, then here is a kind of extreme but effective suggestion. This is what I did: I colored my hair 4 days before my installation, and then used 'Queen Helene's Super Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Creme' for 3 days in a row since it contains protein replacements, and my hair was brittle-free, soft and ready for installation day.

I didn't have any damage, protein was restored and my locks were in good shape. I know that this sounds extreme, but it worked and as a DIYer w/ just about everything, i'm sharing my experiences. :-)

sunsail said...

Hey, didn't realize you're in the DC area. If you want 'responsible' color, go to Salon Noire in Siver Spring, MD. Camille, the owner is a (traditional) loc wearer herself, and is adamant (in a sweet way) about not lifting color off beyond a certain degree (because of breakage). That's where I get my color done. Love her!

@menina: While I would love to follow her blog, I'm kinda turned off that she has comments disabled... what's the point? Might as well create a private online diary for yourself and call it a day. If you're worried about negative comments, I've been blogging for two plus years and have never gotten one ridiculous statement. Blessings on your journey...hope it turns out well!!

(sorry to hichjack your comment section, kay! :)

Menina said...

Yep, Claire is the best!!! I love the job she did on my hair, people comment on how 'neat' the locs are. LOL. Yep, I got my test locs during the summer and then just had my install in January. Well worth the wait though!

The color has been all good so far. I think she said it coats the hair rather then lifts color since it contains no harsh chemicals.

Thanks for posting here, I didn't realize I had comments turned off but they should be on now :) I was so shocked and delighted when I checked back after install to see people were actually following my blog! :) It's my first one.

Kay exquisite said...

thx for all the advice ladies.

Kay exquisite said...

Hey does anyone know of any brother lock blogs on here. I have never really gotten to see them before, or at least not knowingly anyway.