Saturday, April 10, 2010

My baby needs a name!

FINALLY GOT MY BABY! After a totally horrible experience with the first set of people I was trying to get a puppy from. I randomly came across this little beauty. She is such a sweet little girl. Very quiet and laid back and loving. She will lay in your lap and sleep all day if you let her. Its so meant to be. I'm so happy, I have wanted a dog for so long but always felt I just never had the time to care for one as it should be cared for. Now I have a little more time and more friends with pets which makes mid-day walks a little easier during school because we all have agreed to tag team with our schedules.
Sooo since I was soooooo disappointed the first time all the names I had to choose from I feel were for the other dog and I don't want to use them on her. Anyone have any Ideas? I'm really not good at naming animals lol, I've had tons of suggestions but nothing that I think fits her just yet. Lets hear what ya got!


Natural High said...

Congratulations on your new puppy! What a cutie. I happen to like human names for dogs so that's why my dogs name is Candace:) Hmmm...Let's see.. she looks like a Chloe,Bianca,Tiffany, Hope, Portia or I could go on and on:)

Kay exquisite said...

please go on and on I'm bound to find one LOL so far some of my choices are Genesis, Coco, Zurie, Paris, Nala, tooo many choices!!!!!!

Afrolady said...

I LOVE the name Nala for her. However, if she were mine, I'd be calling her something dumb like "Pooh-bear" because that's what she looks like to me - a little poo-bear. LOL!!

She is such a little cutie pie.

ladybikerlele said...

Very cute. I have two female pit bulls named Cymba and Princess. They are big spoiled brats!

I named them the first name that came to mind. Cymba looked like Simba, the Lion King as a cub. I named the other one Princess because I got them in January, the month of my grandmother's birth. She called me Princess when I was little.

The name that came to mind when saw your sweet little puppy,even before I knew she was female, was Starla. I don't know why, she looks like a Starla to me.

Natural High said...

I like Starla and Nala but spelled N-a-h-l-a. She also looks like a Sasha. I actually wanted that name for my dog until Beyonce started using

paula said...


Luebella said...

Cute Pooch! I miss having a dog! Enjoy your new little one.