Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hey all so sorry for my delayed absence but I'm trying to get back on track. Ok so from the pics below I tried coloring with Clairol textures and tones but I also attempted to lift my hair with Clairol's professional basic white, now I wasn't sure if i was suppose to lift, rinse it all out and then mix the Clairol box color as is so I decided to mix the hair die with the basic white lifting stuff just to be on the safe side of not double bleaching my hair. When the color was in it looked great I loved it and I made sure to do my hair line last because I've been told that takes the fastest. So i let it sit the allotted time then 5 minutes before I was to wash it out I wrapped my head with a plastic bag ( had to make do I didn't have any plastic wrap or a shower cap) and I put the blow dryer on it to really speed up the process and to try and make the color seal a little bit more. The mistake I think I made is that I started to rub my hair but I should have just let the heat penetrate on it own. When I washed it all out none of the color was on my hair and my hair was a bright orange. Oh my goodness talk about nightmare. I calle dmy firends screaming My HAir My Hair My haaaaaiiirrrr!!!! Hence my blog entry a little while ago lol. The next day although it was still very bright it had toned down a notch and I received a lot of compliments which made me feel a lot better about my hair mishap. My friends loved it and didnt see what I was freaking out about, they said the bright color really looked nice and those areas where it didnt take as brightly just made it look like a more natural color and like i had natural highlights. The topping on the cake, I was in Walmart and this girl comes from across the aisle and stops me to ask me where I got my hair done when I told her they were Sisterlocks and that I colored them myself she asked if she could get my number so I could do hers LOL I was like ma'am, you just dont know the drama I went through to accomplish this lucky mistake, unless u wanna go bald I dont think thats a good idea lol. All in all I may not have done it right but it turned out well. The color kept darkening day by day now its more brown than red or orange, a much calmer color and I definitely have started appreciating it. I'm glad too becaus emy roots have started to grow out already and I couldn't imagine what it would look like with a brighter contrast, yuk. Anywoo I'm definitely loving my locks more than ever.

Now I'm just trying to find a product to use to moisturize my locks, it been almost a year and a half and all I've been using is was and an occational EO mix but I feel with the color My locks definitely need a little more TLC to keep them moist and soft. They were a little stiff at first but now they are back to being bouncy and they are still pretty soft. Any suggestions?