Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fantasising about an unearned reality.

Sometimes I wish Life was easy and came with all the answers you know. That it was already laid out for you and all you had to do was live. Everything in life that was for you would come to you naturally without work. Things wouldn't be so hurtful, sadness would never come, pain would be an alternate reality. But I guess there in lies my fantasy. I stare at this picture and although I am no longer a little girl, I find myself still doing the same thing. Staring into a mirror and imagining who I will be when I grow up. Yet am I not grown? Is this not my future? Am I the woman that little girl thought she would be those years ago?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well its that time of year again. Preparing to close another chapter in my life entitled 2010. It has been an interesting one I will definitely say that. I've grown to become very comfortable in this city I'm in. Developed some really wonderful friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. throughout this year though I have had many experiences that have broken me, hurt me, strengthened me, excited me, brought me immeasurable joy and lots of peace. I thankful that God has allowed everything He did into my life this past year. Its hard at times but I know He is molding me and shaping me. One day I will be a finished product, right now though I'm chipped ill formed, mispositioned and soggy (lol). To be finished though I know I'll have to continue to push and one day face the furnace called life. No worries though because I know that I'll be a lot stronger once on the other side.