Sunday, May 24, 2009

11 weeks

here is a hair update at 11 weeks, I have a few little balls on my hair, mainly in the middle and in the back. My hair has condensed a lot since my installation. It is a little fuller than before but not by much. As you can see there is still a lot of scalp showing in the back but I believe that is because there is a patch in the middle of my head where my hair was cut shorter than everywhere else when I got the color cut off my hair. As for my hair regimen Most days I just get up and go. Sometimes I spritz with water and essential oils but not often. Even though my hair has grown since my installation its hard for me to tell. It still looks the same to me but I know it has because of how much needed to be retightened a couple of weeks ago.

Sidebar: don't mind my swollen lips, I had just gotten a root canal and my mouth was really swollen LOL but these were the only clear pics I had with my hair out after graduation.


Anonymous said...

I can see a difference. Your locs have grown and thickened. Shrinkage was an issue for me in the beginning, then I realized the shrinkage provided fullness and body..


P.S. After being locd for close to 3 years my scalp still shows after's all good though..

veganchick211 said...

your hair is gorgeous keep up the hair journey. i am not locking at the moment but i am going natural. your hair really looks great. and congratulations on your graduation. much success in your future. GOD BLESS,

Serving Christ said...

Great progress.. Looking good girl.