Monday, August 31, 2009

Lockling Rivalry

Well well well, it appears that there is more to the eye than just different tools when it comes to Sisterlocks Versus Nappylocks. Now I like i'm sure many of you thought that there was not much of a differnce between the two locking styles aside from the obvious tools of course. But apparently Nappylocks is a knock off of Sisterlocks or rather a spin off, yeah I think I like that word better a spin off. It seems that the creator of Nappylocks was once a student of Sistelocks and decided she wanted to go off and do her own thing but in the midst she used very similar if not the same patterns as the sisterlock patterns. So what distinguishes these methods? For one because the nappylock tool is so thin and needle like it makes it a little difficult to create tension in the lock which can lead to larger locks over time. No big deal if thats the look you want. Also although never being a user of the nappylock tool myself I hear the sisterlock tool is by far easier to use. Check out blogs such as sunsail, or gigglz-----> on my bloglist or follower list for more details on that. I also am not sure if the grid is the same either. Has anyone ordered their book that can answer this?

Ok so I guess some of you may be saying to yourself 'big deal people take original creations and make them their own all the time' and yes that may be true but when it is a patented creation I'm pretty sure its illegal. The rivalry comes in when SL originator sued Nappylocks for infringement I believe they won on some counts of the lawsuit but Nappylocks also won some parts of the case as well. To check out the case go to Now recently before I took the retightening class I was thinking about ordering the NL tool instead to save some money and I was surprised to see statements on their page referring to the competition such as (not quoted) get the same results without paying a fortune like with that other method I giggled because thats exactly why I was on their page but still surprised because I new it was a shot at SL or at least thats how it seemed to me. Now I am by no means putting down nappylocks, not at all I still think the tool makes beautiful locks check out Kalia dewdrop's page she is a SL that maintain with the NL tool and her locks are wonderful. I was just intrigued by this tid bit of information. Because many of us newbies don't know whats really going on in the politics of the locked world. Now I pose the question, do any of you feel that Sisterlocked ladies who opt to tighten using the Nappylock tool are selling out or do you feel that it just doesnt matter?


sunsail said...

Well, no I don't feel there's any selling out involved, but I think it's unfair to call something by a name when it's not. Say for example that your hair was installed the sisterlocks way and a few years later you decide to use the NL tool. What if, when the locks mature, there is a marked difference between the SL portion and the NL portion? What if the SL portion holds up well but the NL portion does not? That would be giving SLs a bad name, wouldn't it? Conversely, what if the NL portion looks better than the SL portion? NL wouldn't get their props.

Honestly though, once the lock matures, I don't think you can see the difference in techniques. Brenda over at Get Caught in the Act has used many different patterns (although I'm not sure what tool) on her waist-length hair and no one's the wiser. I've yet to see or read of a person who's used both techniques and reported any trouble with their locks over time.

I think what it all boils down to is loss of revenue and market share, even perhaps a feeling of betrayal. I think Brunsli did a good blog entry on this a while back. Check her archives for her take on it.

Kay exquisite said...

hey Sunsail very well said, I will def check out Brunsli's post thx

Felicia said... also has a debate on SL tool vs. NL tool. I would like to know myself. I have just reached the 6 month mark and plan on taking the retightening class in Dallas in November. Did you find that the class was informative and worth the time and money to attend? I hope so and hope to find an answer to this SL vs.NL tool thing.