Monday, August 17, 2009


Ok so I am approaching my six month mark and as I have posted before I will be taking the retightening class next week I am really excited about it for one I will save me a lot of money and a lot of stress when my hair needs to be done. Anyway I asked my consultant about the things Ive been noticing about my hair such as the unraveling and she said it is normal at this stage, she said that it is part of the locking process because as I stated before its not slippage the hair isn't coming out, its just unravelled so not my hair is curling back on itself to create the spiral lock and soon the ends will seal and as luvlocks stated in my comments eventually it will condense to an even lock. So I suppose that answers the question but I gotta tell ya I can't guarantee that I wont try to fix it once I learn how. I will wait for 8 months though and if there is no change I'm gonna start meddling. :-)

Anyway This was my final reti with my consultant Claire who I have grown so very fond of, she was very professional from installation until now and just made my overall experience wonderful. Now that I am relocating I will find another consultant but just for quarterly check-ups. I hope I can find someone as fast, neat, and nice as her. She was awesome.

Finally the next change on the horizon is color. I want to color with henna in about 3-4 months. But I am torn. I actually like my natural color a lot and I luv to see long dark locks. But I want to spice up my locks a little, I also don't want to experience any problems with the color and my hair so we will see what happens around the 10 month mark. Does anyone know where to order from in the states or any store that sells Henna??

Also is anyone Else's blog acting strange, so that when you add pics you only see the html format until you preview it or post it? WHats up with that?

P.S. I know I look busted in some of these pics but in my defense I just woke up! LOL


Gigglz said...

Your hair is defintely growing and I see a huge difference from your first few pics. I've thought about the henna as well, the only issue for me is that I have no idea what color my hair will actually turn out to be, so I'm apprehensive. And from other bloggers, it seems like the locks get dried out from coloring.

See ya next week!!!

And yes, I'm having the same issue with my pics!! Ugh!

Sunny said...

Sista! Sista!

Lovely pictures. I'm happy that you're consultant is supportive. You girls look so cute. Your hair is growing...pretty! My locks are not locked at the ends yet. I'm having the same issues too. What date is your 6 months? Mine is on Sept. 8th Where are you moving too? Have a good summer. ;)


new2locs said...

Hey Kay,
Your hair is looking great, just wanted to tell you to check out she posts about henna all of the time & I'm sure she said where you can order from. As far as my experience with color, I haven't had any problem. I colored @ 8 months with the color I've been using for about 3 years. It's a permanent color which I know you have to be very careful with. But I rinse, rinse, rinse & rinse some more! LOL I have a post on my blog about my coloring experience. Which ever route you choose I wish ya luck!