Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 year old Sisterlocks vs my 9 months

Yesterday I met this young lady who had a head full of beautiful 10 year old locks. I was sooooo excited to see her and clearly walked up to her and asked if I could get a good look at her locks and so the conversation began. If I bump into her again I'll be sure to take pictures.

In other news I've been so busy with school and finals that I guess I've kinda neglected my blog I dunno, maybe. But my locks are doing progressively well. I've mainly been doing the braid out which is surprising because most of you who follow my blog know its not a style that my hair took to at first but now it looks pretty good with it. It still doesn't last longer than a day though neither do my curls even though I have not done any in a very long time. Its growing, slowly now a days but growing.
9 months and I'm still loving my Sisterlocks even with all its quirks.


Natural High said...

Looks great Kay! Your locks are really taking shape!