Wednesday, December 2, 2009

9 Months

Hello all, on Friday I will be 9 months locked. This is where my hair is right now:
1. Back is locked
2. Middle just about locked
3. Front fighting it but on its way to being locked.
4. Reti every 3 weeks except this go around I've been busy with school and Thanksgiving so I had to push it back and for some strange reason my back has not grown as much this cycle. (maybe due to my rinse who knows)
5. I can get my hair into two piggy tails a style I liked to have fun with when I was a loose natural.
6. I have had to start putting Fantasia oil in my hair every now and again because it feels and looks so dry.
7. I rarely do water spritz anymore it actually makes my hair misbehave and dry out unlike when I was a younger newbie.
8. I try not to style as much so I don't stress my hair out but I kinda have been forced into it because its not behaving at this stage.
9. My hair seems healthy and strong although I went through a shedding phase all of month 7 and part of month 8. Turns out I just needed a good conditioning which I didn't want to do because my hair in the front was still unravelling. It didn't make the front any worse so whatever and my hair stopped shedding afterwards.
10. Using a rinse was a waste of my time all it did was make my hair dry.
11. Since month 7 I have been having the craziest itchy scalp which I did not used to have at all along with dry scalp.
12. I still love my locks

Looking forward to:

1. Coloring my hair with Lush Henna Caca Rouge-red or Manna?-----the chestnut one lol. I've looked up the reviews and I've look at a couple results on youtube and I like what I see. Plus from various blogs that seems to be the way to go as far as color with conditioning. Especially since I know from previous experience that my hair does not do well with permanent color.
I'm shooting for the middle of January before my second quarter of school starts but only if the front of my hair is locked because this method is said to really soften the hair. If not then I Will probably wait until about March for my 1 year. ( wow I cant believe how close it is)

2. I can't wait until my hair is long enough to go into a ponytail I'm sooooo ready to just throw it up and go.
3. Going to a consultant in January to get a good shampoo and reti and maybe a style, maaaaybe... its been a while ya'll.
4. being able to wash with regular shampoos the way I want to and to use conditioner.
5. Being able to spritz my hair again and let it air dry without it looking and feeling crazy.
6. My hair settling enough so that this build up goes away. Another locker maid a good point to me, she said that when her (traditional) locks were young she would get build up on a few of hers too no mater what she did but once they locked and fell it went away on its own. She said its probably just what that part of my hair has to go through in order to lock and once it does the buildup will go away. So I figured I would just stop worrying about it as long as it does really go anywhere that's too noticeable.
I have not really been taking any pictures lately I have been so Busy but I will try to take a few to post. But for the most part my hair looks the same at lease to me it does anyway.



Gigglz said...

9 months -- time flies! Seems like you have cut back on your hair manipulation alot and your locks are progressing from it.

You're on a 3 week retightening schedule. How many days do you take to complete it? I would feel like I'm always retightening on a 3 week schedule since it takes 3 evenings after work to complete.

I can't wait to see your coloring from your henna. I'm going for some highlights on my year mark, at least thats the thought!

Mile High Sisterlocks said...

You are well on your way! Looking forward to you posting some pics soon.

dewdrop said...

This entire look is too cute. I admire how you accessorize your locks because you do a great job!