Friday, October 30, 2009


Hey so whats new in Month 7? Well my hair has some bounce to it y'all. Its not heavy or weighed down at all but I guess its reached the length where it just bounces now. I am soooooo excited about this. Because even when my hair was shoulder length it wasn't very bouncy at all. When I shake my head it just flows from side to side and and and when I SLIGHTLY TILT MY HEAD BACK MY HAIR SITS ON MY SHOULDER!! yep that's right it has been so long since I have had hair touch my shoulder. Also I have given up on the battle against build-up. No matter what I do its just not going away so how did I reach a happy medium? Mascara LOL I took my brush to my locks and painted away. I will wash my hair tonight or tomorrow which should wash the mascara out of my hair but hopefully the build-up will still be stained black. cross your fingers *X* But if not I'll whip it out again :-) That's all for now

Have a Happy Halloween
Oh and the funniest thing I've seen for any Halloween was from my classmates today they dressed up as Snow White and the Seven dwarfs. Needless the say the guy was snow white I wish I took a picture it was great.


The Real Nique said...

Girl, the bounce factor is the bomb! It feels so nice. And don't get caught in the wind, it will just be flowing like every way. I think Convertibles were made for us! Drop the top down and let that hair just blow. :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. I was in a Pilates class and saw my hair just a swaying I was so psyched.

sunsail said...

I have more bounce than I know what to do with, lol! U want some? :) I have to update my blog soon; I've been slacking!

Kay exquisite said...

Yeah girl send it my way LOL. Please update we miss you :-( and can you still show me how to set up my blog I know its been a million years since the initial request LOL. Also do you have any issues with retightening your hair yourself?