Friday, October 2, 2009

just a bit

Hey couldn't sleep so I figured I'd update my blog.

My hair is in a weird state these days the back is really sealing well almost all of it. I can clearly see it still has a long way to go but its well on its way most of them really aren't loose at all. The front however has condensed and has more of a fro appearance which makes wearing it out a little difficult. As I often say I don't really care for big hair and that is the appearance I get right now. It looks like its trying to start to seal but its just mostly unravelled. ( not slipping though)

I will be 7 months in a couple of days. I didn't really take any pics of my hair out lately but I'll try to get some in a couple of days.


Gigglz said...

Look on the bright side the back is sealing. And the great thing is that you are great at styling your hair to hide the front shrinking. Maybe thats the way the front has to behave in order to seal. Do you remember the back doing that? It might just be more noticeable in the front.

Congrats on almost 7 months. Time is flying by.