Monday, October 5, 2009

First Day down 9 hundred and somemore to go LOL

Well I got through my first day of Doctoral School today. It was cool I was so Anxious last night and even this morning. But most of the people there were very friendly and welcoming. It was a little disheartening however that out of a class of 80 there were only 5 African Americans. *sigh* Thankfully I have had a very diverse child and early adulthood so this isn't really that strange to me but I mean 5?!? I guess that just means I have to be on my game 75 times as much. In a way I feel like I have to prove myself as if just being there isn't testament enough to that fact that I am just as capable and competent as anyone there. Ah but such is the life of a young black women on a professional path in a big not black world. Please don't get me wrong this is not to offend anyone or to place blame or play the race card, nor am I prejudging because no one has treated me differently or unfairly in my one day of attendance LOL and the administrators have been wonderful since I've been dealing with them, but that still doesn't change that fact that in the entire school of a few thousand I have been told, the Black community does not surpass 30 people. I feel like I have to represent, like all eyes and assumptions are on me and based on those that came before me whether they succeeded, exceeded expectations or just got by.

Question to those who are in the workplace or school and are really the minority of the place do you feel that you have to work twice as hard to prove yourself or do you just do you no matter where that places you?

In the picture above is one of my classmates who I met prior to school starting. She is a lovely young lady and we have become good acquaintances and hopefully with time great study partners and friends.


Gigglz said...

I grew up in a predominately white neighborhood (90%) if not more. I didn't go to a HBC either, so intially when I went into the work force I did not feel that I needed to prove myself because I was outnumbered. The numbers were all I knew, as I started to get promoted I noticed the "line drawn in the sand" and yes I realized that I did have to work harder and show less "attitude" otherwise you are labeled. Even today, out of probably 30 AVP's in my bldg there are only 2 African American's and I'm one of them. And as the levels go up the numbers get slimmer! So yes, it continues ... UNFORTUNATELY!!

Take as much as you can from your experience and apply it to your life. There are many adversities you will face from the people you work with, report to, those that report to you no matter your qualifications and this is not just from the Caucasions its now from all races..UGH I can go on and on but you get the point :-)

Serving Christ said...

Doctoral studies are very time consuming and most African Americans I have chatted with do not see the value in getting that extra degree if you don't have to. Since I want to teach at the university level, it is something I decided to do, but I enjoy every challenge I face.

I notice how I am treated and that I do have to work harder to get the same pay as someone with less experience. I am looked at different based on my hair, etc becuase it is different that the environment I work in. Most people are blonds or have perms. However, I continue to press forward and appreciate me for who I am.

Keep your head held high and keep pushing forward!